Holly Aszkenasy



Rainy City 

Severine, 2021

The spring my marriage came apart it seemed the world had recast itself in exaggeratedly biblical relief. Across the land prophets preached exodus from Europe; violent rainstorms lashed the streets of Manchester. On the night of the Brexit referendum my husband and I had one final row and I perceived that our private crisis had assumed its place in another, much larger narrative – some crunching of tectonic plates on a mighty scale. Leaving him felt brave, timely. It felt like the only option.


The Real Story, 2019

You could barely move, in fin-de-siècle Mitteleuropa, without encountering something mystical, transcendental, or at least a bit occultish. From Rilke to Madame Blavatsky, counter-Enlightenment was in the air — or, possibly, had leaked into the water supply. At any rate, it had managed to make its way up the Danube and into the sleepy Austrian village of one Rudolf Steiner, who at nine years old had already begun communing with a dead aunt and detecting visions of the spiritual realm within the pages of his geometry textbook. 

But Is 

The Real Story, 2016


The Watermelon 

Severine, 2019

The Letterbox

Every Pigeon, 2018


Found and Lost: Mittens, Miep, and Shovelfuls of Dirt

The Real Story, 2018

The Dead Ladies Project

The Real Story, 2017

Yuval Noah Harari 

Manchester Literature Festival, 2016